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Buy Magic Mushroom Tea.The Mushroom tea is an infusion of mushrooms in water, made by using edible/medicinal mushrooms (such as lingzhi mushroom) or psychedelic mushrooms (such as Psilocybe cubensis). The active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms is psilocybin, while the active ingredients in medicinal mushrooms are thought to be beta-glucan

How long does shroom tea usually take to kick in?

Much like with cannabis-infused tea, shroom tea usually kicks in a lot faster than eating mushrooms whole or in a food product like chocolate or gummies. Because the psilocybin is infused to the water, which enters the stomach and digestive tract a lot faster and more evenly than eating shrooms, expect the onset of shroom tea in around 30 minutes, or even less.

Metabolic and environmental factors can impact this time. Wait at least a full hour after you’ve consumed your shroom tea before taking any more—the last thing you want is a bad trip where you don’t feel in control.

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