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shopping with bitcoin from bitogreen was pretty easy. great 25% discount on my order, on time delivery was so amazed. i recommend you shopping with bitcoin and take advantage of the 25% and save some cash

racheal dunkle / facebook

Not that its a bad strain Really strong and super super spacey grandma cookies from bitogreen Makes you feel really cozy and comfy and like a big pillow You feel like a marshmellow However if your prone too depressing thoughts its mot for you Cant help but think on this strain. Your thinking when you dont even realize it Super spacey and thinkful strain I dont like too think when im high Overthink everyrhing

ali young / Yahoo
customer review

Absolutely fantastic high gelato strain from bitogreen dispensary. No foggy headed feeling and you actually feel like doing chores. mood improves 100% with no anxiety. This strain really helps me with my anxiety and depression. I’m not so angry all of the time and I tend to be nicer to the people I love..

Andy eveline / Google

Love this place I love the discounts. prices. strains. and the staff is knowledgeable and nice staff.

aaron brown / trustpilot
customer review bitogreen

First time ordering from bitogreen, I was supposed to be getting just a simple 8th but instead I waited for 4 hours for the guy to contact me to say “Unfortunately we will not be able to make it tonight our driver had a flat tire , we can come early in the morning for the inconvenience and give you a free eighth” 9 times outta 10 the free eighth is going to be dirt weed , Will update IF they end up coming tomorrow morning

crystal marie maynard / trustpilot

Great personality awesome tender always proceeds to give me what I need and more great guy keeps me intertained

kasey rose / facebook

This place is awesome. Staff is helpful and nice differently going back Very prompt delivery and easy to manage ordering system. Product seems okay. Thanks

mary shook / trustpilot

Very good site and interesting products. But i found it difficult having variety of payment options. I i had ease when i saw the bitcoin payment section on the site

anthony brantly / yahoo
customer review bitogreen

Love the mint and the deals they offer on daily basis Loved the up to date information with an estimated time of arrival, and real time tracking. The delivery was. within the expected times and the driver was very polite. Would definitely recommend metrocannabisdispensary.com

eddie welsch / google
customer review bitogreen

Unfortunately this is just a scam website. They retracted my $199, held a Dr. appointment and there after, Did nothing. Money was wasted because it is a SCAM.

erica dayton / trustpilot

This is the best place to go in Oregon online There Prices and quality can not be beaten

mark perry / yahoo

👍great fast service 24 hours delivery shipment welled sealed thanks boses

I ordered some moon rock and they are beautiful ,speedy delivery and a good price. Well packaged . Will use this company again and again

larry mason / trustpilot

I love shopping at the mint they have happy hour from 1 to 420 and you get a free pre roll fast shipping too wow

mark freddy / google

MedMen by talking stick is by the best for flower and recreation users I have found and Justin T was super helpful and was in and out in 15 min

tracy carl / trustpilot

Horrible website, ordering is a huge pain. Which this company would have just stuck with what they were good at – providing INFORMATION about cannabis.

jennet / yahoo

The best place in town to get all your cannabis needs! They have great deals and many ways to earn more ! Go in and see what I’m talking about!

josh t / trustpilot

I have been a NYS Certified Medical Marijuana patient since December of 2018. I previously met with a nurse who initially certified me and renewed my certification. This year I chose to give bitogreen a try. I uploaded my current medical marijuana card and certification along with a couple supporting medical documents. I was sent a link for a video chat and clicked on the link at my scheduled appointment time. I spoke with the physician and found him to be knowledgeable as well as prepared. This process was simple and the doctor was kind and very easy to talk to.

poo long / facebook

I would highly recommend bitogreen for initial certification as well as renewals. My only advice is to have your documentation uploaded prior to your appointment to avoid any delays. I received my updated certificate in a timely manner despite the NYS Department of Health’s website being down. I also found customer service at bitogreen to be exceptional

jay coman / google

I shop at bitogreen and am from Illinois. the staff and employees are the best they always strive to do there best for you A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US

dwayne joe / yahoo

bitogreen is one of my favorite dispensary. They always have good deals and are always giving free pre rolls. I live it. My favorite place to shop best shop online.

corey / trustpilot

Absolutely incredible head high og kush from here, body buzz and unexpected pain relief to boot. Not the “perfect” strain (I def wouldn’t want to go for a walk, etc) but for a lazy Saturday (or Tuesday evening…) around the house with no set plans it’ll do just fine.

anna bes / yahoo
bitogreen reviews

Hello,my name is Dixon and I love this place great everything.. bitcoins payment and shipping made evrything simple and easy. fasted delivery i have ever tried

dixon dre / trustpilot

amazing customer service and best product quality i recommend bitogreen for all your cannabis need

jerry / yahoo

my discount on whole sale order was amazing i pretty much loved how delivery was made o n such a bulk order awesome. perfect

mike keys / yahoo

uhh shipping time sucks am from uk and shipping took me 14 days before i received my product i dont recommend this for slow shipping

karl wendy / google

fast delivery awesome products

Loyd / facebook

best weed company in the world no delays shipment ontime i was so satisfiesd with my white runtz weed package 

frida / yahoo

excellent company with an amazing quality product’s this website is awesome thanks. I order all of my vape from here. You get what you pay for. I have gotten some of my favorite vape from here. Highly recommend and as well.

jose fred / yahoo
bitogreen customer review

Superb supplier never any problems delivered quickly and quality products and services.Yes this was an awesome experince. This was my first time ever buying from a site like this. I was littarly on my tippy toes worried that it was a scam and noone would show up. However that was not the case and everything was exactly like that advertise. It littarly took 5 hours if not sooner and the transaction was complete. In and out asap I would recommend. Also untill be purchasing with them again. Thank you so much!

tashia / google

Great company
Outstanding products
Fast delivery
And great customer service. Legit and reliable and l will confess to everyone this business a good business l cant say this to convince anyone but for try this guys are good thanks

g.cole / yahoo

i love this service and i recommend you…
i love this service and i recommend you try them as i am sure you wont be disappointed.

dian teshy / google

Always very quick and follow any special delivery instructions. Also quick tp contact if an item you ordered is out of stock. Great range of product/brand.
Only minor issues is sometimes the driver tracking link isn’t sent and you only receive a text at arrival

sheisty moore / yahoo

THE BEST QUALITY ON FLOWER! If anyone else, says otherwise, is 100% false! I promise you will not go wrong getting the best quality THC products from ganja-estates! I can not thank you guys enough!

Brigit anne / google

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Purple Tangie strain


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Uplifted                 48%
Energetic               42%
Euphoric                39%
Creative                  36%
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